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 Join LDA of PA!

Become a member of LDA of PA by registering with our national branch LDA America:

Your membership to LDA America, helps LDA of PA provide services to those in need. It also allows for discounted and free workshops and statewide/national conferences. Just be sure to use a PA address when you sign up! In addition to the state benefits of joining LDA of PA you receive the following benefits from LDA America, too!  

Why LDA?

·        LDA is the voice for individuals with learning disabilities of all ages and their families.

·        LDA is the leading advocate for laws and policies that create opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities.

·        LDA is the only national organization to promote opportunities to meet others in the same situation through state affiliate membership.

·        LDA is a leading source for information on learning disabilities, practical solutions, and a comprehensive network of resources at the national, state and local level.

·        LDA is a support to individuals with learning disabilities, their families, educators and other professionals who serve the learning disability community.

Benefits of Membership:

·        A Support System through local and state affiliate representatives who are parents, educators and professionals and understand the needs of the learning disabilities community.

·        A Community Forum available only to members to ask questions and get answers from experts and other individuals who may have had the same experiences.

·        A Policy Director who advocates in the best interest of LDA’s members.

·        An Advocacy program that provides legislative updates, advocacy training materials and LDA’s position on many LD related topics that affect our members.

·        A Resource and wealth of information on our website for parents, educators, adults and professionals to help navigate through the LD maze.

·        A Guide for those “New to LD” ,  a source of information on diagnosis, assessment and evaluation, and how to navigate the school system.

·        Our exclusive, downloadable ebook for parents – “What Every Parent Needs to Know about Learning Disabilities.

·        LDA Today – A bi-monthly electronic newsletter for members-only with up-to-date information on learning disabilities and topics of interest, including advocacy efforts.

·        News briefings of the week’s top stories on learning disabilities and related topics via THE LD SOURCE, a free, opt-in (weekly) e-mail resource

·        News from Washington– monthly reports on legislative issues via LDA Legislative News

·        A Discount at state and national conferences that feature leading-edge speakers as well as experienced, knowledgeable and thought-provoking presenters to conference attendees as well as an exhibit hall with vendors dedicated to serving the learning disabilities community.

·        A Discount Subscription to Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. Please visit Sagamore Publishing to subscribe or for more details.

·        A members-only Access to Professional Liability, General Liability and Abuse and Molestation defense coverage, at a reduced rate for members in private practice.

·        A Direct Information line via a toll-free call-in line, (888) 300-6710.

·        Submit manuscripts in LDA’s nationally-recognized and research-based peer-reviewed journal, Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal

·        Possible professional opportunities include being considered to serve on editorial board for Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal or nominated to serve on LDA’s Professional Advisory Board that serves as a resource and counsel on issues affecting individuals with LD