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Learning Disabilities Association of Pennsylvania is the official PA state affiliate of the Learning Disabilities Association of America

We are pleased to announce that October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month!

“As Governor, and on behalf of all citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am pleased to recognize October 2019 as Learning Disabilities Awareness Month.”
~Governor Tom Wolf

Learning Disabilities Association of Pennsylvania is dedicated to making sure every resident of Pennsylvania with learning disabilities has access to all of the most up-to-date resources and services available in order to help them succeed in all facets of life. Please note, LDA of PA is still growing so some services may not be available in your area yet. Please reach out to one of our specialists and we will do everything in our power to assist you.

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About Us

Meet our Board of Directors and learn about our mission and vision about an equitable world for everyone that thinks differently!



LDA of PA offers exciting services ranging from multi-sensory reading tutoring, STEM outreach, and how we use comedy to help children and adults with learning disabilities achieve success

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The Learning Disabilities Association of America (our national branch) provides resources for Parents, Educators, Adults, AND Professionals. We invite you to explore a list of select professional organizations, websites, resource tools that offer valuable information about learning disabilities and ADHD.



Stay up to date with all of LDA of PA’s events by checking out our calendar!

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In order to meet our goal of providing every person in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the tools they need to succeed we need funding. Consider donating to LDA of PA today!

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Become a member of LDA of PA by registering with our national branch LDA America.

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