All of our services are offered on a sliding pay scale. It is LDAPA’s mission to provide high-quality services to anyone that wants them, regardless of income.

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Please note that while we are trying to grow and expand as fast as we can some or all LDA of PA services may not be available in your area. Please contact us to find out about all the options available to you.



Multi-sensory Reading Tutoring

Goal: To increase reading levels

  1. High quality reading tutoring for students

  2. Tutoring training for people that want to be tutors

  3. Training for teachers and parents interested in helping their children and students but are not interested in becoming LDA PA tutors

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STEM Outreach Committee

Goal: Encourage students that love STEM to follow their dreams.

  1. We help make your current STEM programs more accessible to those that think differently

  2. Presentations and panel discussions by experts that have learning and attention issues

  3. Elementary, Middle, high school activities that promote STEM



Arts and Comedy Empowerment Committee

Goal: Utilize art and comedy to help teach people how to overcome the negatives associated with learning differently.

  1. Inclusive comedy shows

  2. Improv workshops that teach students that think differently to overcome the negatives associated with their learning differences

  3. Inclusivity training for performers

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Goal: To educate parents, students, and adults on their rights and how-to self-advocate.

  1. IEP workshops

  2. Legal workshops

  3. Mentorship

  4. Parent, student, adult support groups